Portrait Photography Seminar

SeminarPortrait Photography Seminar
LocationPhotoUno School
Duration2 hours
Group size20 students max.

Do you enjoy photographing people, whether it’s a friend, family member, acquaintance or stranger? Come join us for a seminar on Portrait Photography to learn the different ways one can take or construct a portrait of another person. We will discuss the different ways one can function within the photographer-subject relationship and how that relationship effects the final result. Students will also look at the work of other portrait photographers to look at some of the techniques they used to take successful portraits.    

About the Photographer:

Carlos David Gonzalez is a beauty and portrait photographer based in New York. He believes in the constant evolution of the artist. His unique photographic style with his fashion approach to portraiture has been featured in publications in his native Mexico as well as various European countries. His work combines different fields of expression in a constant search of new ways of achieving the “perfect portrait.” Literature, theater and dance play a significant roll in his creations. For Carlos, photography is a constant learning and a never-ending transformation.