Kodak moments: Is this the end?

January 19, 2012

After filling chapter 11 bankruptcy, in a digital world Kodak will still operate normally.

Kodak, an American 131 year old company didn't know how to evolve and started to suffer the consequences of not being able to follow the same pace of digital progress.

Can be this compared on how cities that used to be an empire, nowadays are countries struggling to have a healthy economy? 

Think about Greece, think about Egypt. These countries once used to be the center of the world, of the culture, of the arts, technology but with time, they started to loose power and influence.

Same case with Kodak: what happened to the brownie camera? what happened to Kodak's moments?

Digital photography certainly is a different way of "making images". Some photographers still work in film, but everyday I am amazed on how many people don't know that film cameras existed and they certainly don't know what it means to wait for an image. It's always instantly in the back of our camera LCD monitor and sometimes we just delete them and shoot again.

Today, in one of our photography classes, someone told me that what was the point of taking pictures when you could find pictures taken by professionals in the web?

This is certainly true, but I still think there are moments to be recorded and kept and probably we want to be part of them.

Read more about Kodak filling chapter 11 earlier today.

Image source: Kodak Brownie Wikipedia.


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