Featured Classes and Seminars

Classes and Courses

Mac Basics for Photographers

2-hour Class.


Photography Basics for Parents

14-hour course through 7 sessions. 9 students max.


Photography Class for Teenagers

12 hour course; 6 classes. 9 students max.


Photography I

12-hour course through 6 classes. 9 students max.


Photography II

12-Hour Course through 6 Classes; 9 Students Max. 9 students max.


Photography III

12-hour course through 6 classes. 9 students max.


Photography Teen Summer Camp

2 Week Summer Camp - 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. 9 students max.


Portrait Photography

10-hour course through 5 classes. 9 students max.


Portrait Studio Lighting

10-hour course through 5 sessions. 6 students max.


Private Photography Classes

2 hour class.


Street Photography Class

10-hour course; 5 classes . 9 students max.


Seminars and Events


Street Photography Outdoor Class

Street photography is arguably one of the most practiced photographic styles. In this 3- hour outdoor class, you will learn helpful methods and tips to make visually compelling pictures on the street.

3-hour workshop at our center


Composition Photography Seminar

Composition is the foundation of a great picture. Knowing where to stand, understanding the angle at which you need to position your camera, and using the background to build on the image are just a few things you will learn in this photography seminar.

2 hour seminar


Brooklyn Bridge Park Night Photography Class

Join us for this 2-hour class in which you will photograph the essence of New York City. With a perfect view of the city Brooklyn Bridge Park is the place to be!

2-hour Class at Brooklyn Bridge Park