Knowing your settings: Mastering your camera settings for taking stunning photographs

CourseKnowing your camera settings - Virtual
Difficulty levelIntermediate
Total duration6 hours
Group size5 students max.

Become more bullet proof when it comes to setting your camera!

We have designed this class to help you improve your knowledge of camera settings and to continue to practice from the comfort of your home.

Here are some of the fun things you will be doing in the class:

  • Analyze photographers images and discuss the settings with the instructor and other students
  • Dare your knowledge: by looking at other students homework photos, guess the camera settings used by them
  • We will challenge you to copy or mimic photographs brought in class by your instructor
  • You will copy images you would like to take
  • and much more...

Join this fun class and hone your technical skills.

Pre-requisite: Photography I* or clear understanding of Manual Mode.