Night Photography Class - Livestream

CourseNight Photography Class
Difficulty levelIntermediate
Total duration2 hours
Group size5 students max.

Amazing pictures can be taken at night, as you have probably seen many times but unfortunately it’s not that easy to achieve. The main reason is because photography is all about light and that is something you are not going to have much of at night.

Well don’t worry because we have designed this class to help you learn some techniques that will help you take stunning pictures at night!

In this class we will be learning to take night shots using:

  • Long exposures for:
    • Cityscapes
    • Astrophotography
  • Night photography with faster shutter speeds:
    • Street photography at night
    • Indoor photography in low light

We will lightly touch on how photographers use portable flash in low light situations. This will be just as an informative part of the class so that you leave with a better understanding of how to use this technique in low light situations.

Pre-requisite: Photography I* or clear understanding of Manual Mode.