iPhone Photo Editing Class NYC

CourseiPhone Photo Editing Class NYC
Difficulty levelBeginners and beyond
Total duration2 hours
Group size9 students max.

Want to take your iPhone pictures to the next level? Then here is a class that can help you achieve that!

After you have taken a picture, there are many adjustments you can make to enhance them, right from your phone.

In this fun class we will go over all the editing tools available in your iPhone. The instructor will explain how to use each one. They will, also, make recommendations on which ones they find more useful.

You will gain insights to understand what needs to be done to an image in order to convey your message.

Here are some of the editing tools we will be emphasizing on:

  • Crop
  • Brilliance
  • Vignette
  • Definition
  • Temperature
  • Shadows and highlights
  • And more!

Make sure not to miss out on this great class and learn to take some beautiful pictures that you will be proud to share.

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