Exploring Sebastião Salgado's exhibition, Genesis.

WorkshopExploring Sebastião Salgado's exhibition, Genesis.
Location The ICP
Difficulty levelBeginners and beyond
Duration2 hours
Group size5 students max.

Just like writers can get a case of “writer’s block,” even professional photographers can get stuck sometimes.  At PhotoUno one of our favorite cures is to enrich our knowledge of photography by looking at the work of famous photographers throughout history.  There’s nothing like seeing the work of some of “the greats” to help you feel motivated again!

Come and get inspired with a tour of the current photography exhibition at The international Center of Photography. 

The exhibition you will see will be "Sebastião Salgado: Genesis" This exhibition is a "long-term series on global issues by world-renowned photographer Sebastião Salgado".  You will learn a brief biography of the photographer, hear some anecdotes about specific projects, and discuss how the photographer used specific techniques while shooting to achieve such memorable, museum-worthy compositions.

A PhotoUno instructor will act as your museum guide, taking you through the exhibition and leading a thoughtful discussion about the historically significant photography you will encounter.  

**This class is a discussion-oriented visit to the museum and is not a hands-on course.  The price does not include the cost of admission to the museum.