Food Photography

WorkshopFood Photography Workshop
Difficulty levelIntermediate
Duration3 hours
Group size6 students max.

If you enjoy experiencing the NYC cuisine and are constantly taking picture of your food, this workshop is perfect for you.

In this interactive workshop you will be provided with different entrees, and your instructor will guide you to taking the perfect food shot. In this class you will learn about different lighting, such as ambient light, low light, and even flash. You will also learn about composition. What will make your food photography really stand out? You will learn all of this and more!

Here are some scenarios:

A restaurant, where many times you are presented with an amazing looking dish but you have little available light, making it challenging to take the picture you want. 

At home when preparing your favorite dish. The preparation, the presentation and the joy of eating are all the things you will learn to capture. The nice thing is that there is no place like home where you can decide to control the light to take some amazing shots.

Join us as we will have a fantastic time!

**We will provide food for you to photograph. 

Pre-requisite: Photography I* or clear understanding of Manual Mode.