Intro to Your Digital Camera

WorkshopIntro to Your Digital Camera
Difficulty levelBeginners and beyond
Duration2 hours
Group size9 students max.

Introduction to Photography in Person

Have you had a digital camera for years and still get dark blurry pictures? Or perhaps you have purchased a new camera and are excited to learn the new functions? Well PhotoUno’s Introduction to your Camera is a great way to get started.

Our Introduction to Photography Class will help you start to feel more comfortable with your camera. It is great way to start your photographic journey!

In this class you will:

  • Start to understand how your camera works
  • Learn how light affects your images
  • Stop using auto mode, and start to take control in P mode
  • How to achieve a blurry background
  • How to create motion blur
  • And we will have exercises all throughout the class, so you can practice what you’ve learned

So come and decipher your digital camera. Take the first steps into taking better photos.

How is this class different from our Photography I class?

Introduction to your camera is a two-hour workshop where you will get a very basic understanding of your camera. You will work in P mode (taking partial control). 

In Photography I you will learn to take absolute control of your camera in manual mode over a period of 6 weeks.

What camera do I need to take this class?

All you need for this class is a camera that allows you to take pictures in P mode and Aperture Priority (A or Av) mode.

Course price is $130. Course length is 2 hours.

No prior knowledge of photography is needed.