Photographing Family & Friends

CoursePhotographing Family & Friends
Difficulty levelBeginners and beyond
Total duration12 hours
Group size9 students max.

Photographing your circle of family and friends is a popular subject for many because of the value we attach to pictures of loved ones. In this photography class, we will improve our skills to make pictures that are memorable and meaningful for both the viewer and photographer.

Together, we will explore various techniques others have used to make pictures, investigate our personal motivations for photographing friends and family, learn to work with cooperative and uncooperative subjects in a various situations, how to select pictures, and exploring available options to show work.

As usual in PhotoUno, there will be class exercises with the guidance of the instructor.

Students will work on a series of their own choice that will be presented as a Photography Exhibition at PhotoUno. Exhibitions are in addition-not part of-our six-week courses.

Pre-requisite: Photography I and Photography II. 

Instructor: Martine Fougeron