HDR Photography Workshop

WorkshopHDR Photography Workshop
Difficulty levelIntermediate
Duration3 hours
Group size6 students max.

What is HDR? 

The term itself stands for High Dynamic Range, now what does that mean? First think about how you see the world with your eyes.

Think about a sunset and having a friend in front of that sunset. Your eyes can see the details in the sky whilst seeing your friend at the same time. Our eyes see lots of different tones of light, while your camera only sees one part of it: your friend looks good but your sunset is very bright or the sunset is perfect, but your friend is very dark, sounds familiar?

So how do we solve this? We don’t need a new camera, we need to learn different HDR photography techniques that will help us create stunning images of landscapes, sunsets, real estate photography, architecture photography, night photography, and more.

In this workshop we encourage that students are familiar with their camera settings, exposure and preferably that they photograph in manual mode.
In this HDR photography workshop you will learn how to set your camera to capture your images. Then you will learn how to process them using a software that we recommend: Photomatix from HDR soft.

Learn this exciting technique that allows you to achieve incredible colors and details in your pictures by joining this workshop!


Digital Photography I with PhotoUno or must have a clear understanding of Manual Mode

Intro to Lightroom or Editing in Lightroom at PhotoUno or prior experience using Adobe Lightroom Classic it's not mandatory but a plus.

During class we will be using Lightroom Classic. We will also use Photomatix from HDR Soft.